Beto Cuevas

BETO CUEVAS born in Santiago de Chile, but immigrated and spent his childhood in Caracas, Venezuela, and adolescence in Montreal, Canada. As a result, Beto speaks and writes in 3 languages: French, English and Spanish.

It was in 1988 when back in Santiago, Chile, Beto met Mauricio Claveria, drummer of the group "La Ley", and he invited him to join the band. Thus, BETO CUEVAS became known as the lead singer of the legendary Chilean rock band LA LEY, with whom he participated in ten albums and managed to sell millions of copies. In addition, he acquired dozens of awards, including an American Grammy, two Latin Grammy and two MTV Awards for "Best Rock Band" among many others.

Beto went on to conquer stages in all of Latin America, United States and Spain, and gained the recognition of his followers, critics and industry members leaving a legacy of unforgettable songs including: "El Duelo," "Aqui," "Fuera de Mi "and "Mentira", among many others.

In 2005, the group decided to bring respite to their successful career and take alternate paths. After his departure from "La Ley," BETO CUEVAS accumulated thoughts, transported notes of music, poetry, and ideas, and started his solo career, releasing the album "MIEDO ESCENICO" in 2008,'' produced by Beto himself in conjunction with Aureo Baqueiro and Steve Tushar, unleashing a fresh and edgy sound.

The Chilean wrote all the songs and orchestrated it. It was him who oversaw the production of the record in his studio, Blackelbow in Los Angeles. 'MIEDO ESCENICO' became one of the most anticipated albums in Mexico and several other countries and with it, Beto was able to place the hit songs "VUELVO" and "HABLAME" at the top of the lists of Spanish-language radio stations, as well as earning two Latin Grammy nominations for best rock album and best song.

This 2012, the Chilean singer-songwriter, brings us a brand new production aptly titled: "Transformacion." Recorded between May and December 2011, the album was produced by Jared Lee Gosselin who also collaborated as co-composer on two songs. All 12 tracks are Beto's own compositions, who had been working for over a year and a half composing and writing. Beto also collaborated with Sharon Stone and even his son Diego Cuevas on the track "Come and Get Me".

The album was recorded almost entirely in UMRK -the studio of the legendary singer / guitarist / composer Frank Zappa- as well as in Crystal Ship Studios in Los Angeles.

The single "Quiero Creer" (feat. Flo Rida) was released in late April along with it's respective music video, directed by Kevin McMahon (A Minute of Silence) and Cullen Wright, and recorded in Boondock Studios in Los Angeles California last March 20, 2012.

Expect the international release of "Transformacion" -the second solo album from Beto Cuevas- on August 21, 2012!

"Transformación" ( Tracklist )
1- No te olvides de Amar
2- Deje de Pensar
3- Quiero Creer ( feat. Flo Rida )
4- Cruzar
5- Goodbye (feat. Leire )
6- Live from Japan
7- Eterno
8- Latidos ( No va a volver )
9- Amor y Actitud
10- Come and Get me
11- Aterrice (feat. Deborah De Corral)
12- ( Bonus track ) El Sonido de tu Amor

Beto Cuevas first became involved with PADRES Contra El Cáncer when he and his former band mates, La Ley, donated a live performance at PADRES’ ‘El Sueño de ESPERANZA’ Gala in 2005. His involvement grew from there, as Beto saw the need to join PADRES and help provide HOPE to the children battling cancer and other blood disorders. His tireless efforts have led him to become an official PADRES Ambassador, raising awareness about pediatric cancer and PADRES’ programs and services. That commitment has led him to truly lend himself to the organization, making several appearances to raise awareness at his concerts and even donating his own artwork on canvas and guitars for fundraisers. He continues to inspire others to get involved and provide HOPE to those who are in need.