Family Support Services

A cancer diagnosis not only affects the family emotionally, but financially as well. PADRES offers a variety of services and resources to help families minimize the financial burdens they encounter while their child is undergoing treatment.

Language and Cultural Services
All of PADRES health education programs, quality of life activities and family services are offered in English and Spanish. In addition, PADRES provides families with bilingual materials describing the basics of cancer and blood diseases, and resources in their respective community. Monolingual Spanish speaking families are also provided bilingual services and assistance for daily inpatient rounds and patient conferences during which a new diagnosis, changes in condition, and end-of-life care issues are discussed.

Transportation Fund
Continuous access to medical care is a critical component in remaining compliant with the recommended treatment regimen. This fund provides assistance with on-going and emergency transportation resources for many of our low-income families who lack access to adequate transportation resources for their medical care.

Community Information and Referrals for Assistance
It takes an entire community of support to overcome the many challenges that become a daily part of the childhood cancer diagnosis. This referral service provides family members with an orientation to available community resources, as well as providing assistance in identifying appropriate qualification requirements and the completion of all relevant family paperwork. Referral resources include, but are not limited to, the following: sourcing childhood cancer treatment centers; locating housing assistance agencies; legal and immigration assistance; accessing day care services; and making use of public food banks.

Grocery Vouchers
For many of our economically-disadvantaged families, even basic necessities like groceries become an economic burden. PADRES provides grocery vouchers to families who are currently experiencing particular difficulty as a result of financial hardship.

Phone & Gas Cards
For many of our families, maintaining an on-going dialogue and communication with friends and relatives is an extremely important component within the healing process. In addition, rising costs of gasoline prices are creating additional obstacles to transport the patient to medical appointments. To facilitate these needs, PADRES makes available phone and gas cards for our economically-disadvantaged families.

Hospital Meal Coupons
During extended in-patient hospital stays and lengthy doctor’s visits, many of our economically-disadvantaged families cannot afford to provide the patient or siblings with adequate nutrition. In these instances, PADRES provides hospital meal coupons to assist a family in maintaining an appropriate nutritional regimen for a patient’s extended family members.

Parking Vouchers
Parking fees for multi-day, multi-entry visitations become a significant economic burden for many families whose children are hospitalized for extended stays. To offset a portion of this hardship, PADRES provides Children’s Hospital Los Angeles parking vouchers for economically disadvantaged families during in-patient stays and extended out-patient visits.

Every family should experience the joy and good cheer that is the winter holiday season. To this end, PADRES partners with various medical institutions and corporate partners to bring season’s greetings to economically-disadvantaged families who are unable to provide the patient and family with a traditional holiday celebration.

Annual Holiday Toy Drive
Every child deserves to feel the joy of receiving a special gift throughout the year. Thanks to the unwavering generosity from our many donors, gifts are distributed to patients and siblings throughout the year during various annual celebrations and for completion of difficult medical procedures.