Our History

Our Mission
PADRES Contra El Cáncer (PADRES) is an organization committed to improving the quality of life for children with cancer and their families.

Our Cause
PADRES began its mission 30 years ago to support the needs of the Latino community who have a higher risk of medical problems due to a series of complex factors, including language barriers, socio-economic challenges and limited access to community resources. Through culturally relevant and linguistically-appropriate Programs, PADRES bridges these gaps to promote a comprehensive understanding of childhood cancer and other blood disorders, as well as, effective methods for treatment.

Today, as the only organization of its kind in the United States, PADRES' unique programs, activities and services, benefit childhood cancer patients from all ethnic and economic backgrounds, serving families from initial diagnosis to survivorship.


Our History
PADRES was organized after two research studies, funded by the American Cancer Society, indicated that culturally-relevant educational and emotional support services for the Latino patient were lacking in the medical setting. The outcome of the studies influenced the medical community to recognize culturally-relevant education and emotional support as vital health-related resources in ensuring success of the recommended treatment plan and, ultimately, survival of the child.

At the time of its establishment in 1985, PADRES provided support to eight families in Los Angeles. Today the organization has assisted more than 8,300 childhood cancer patients and 41,500 immediate family members through partnerships with hospitals in California, Florida, New York and Nevada.