National Advisory Group

The National Advisory Group is made up of individuals who have been recruited by PADRES in order to drive the expansion of PADRES programs and implement fund development goals and initiatives on a national level. Individuals are selected from targeted sectors from across the country and positioned in roles to help achieve these goals.


National Advisory Group Members

Rick Azoy
Ultimate Software
West Palm Beach, FL

Maria Barreto
Shutts & Bowen LLP
Miami, FL

Ana Benitez
Benitez Karasz
Miami, FL

Victor A. Christy
Californians Allied for Patient Protection
Sacramento, CA

Luis Faura
C&F Foods, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Jorge Garcia
Viva Entertainment Network
Chicago, IL

Adela Hamman
Miami, FL

Estela Mora
Los Angeles, CA

Alma Munoz
Banda El Recodo
Banda Los Recoditos
Luis Antonio Lopez “El Mimoso”
Los Angeles, CA

Tony Navarro
Joan Sebastian LLC
Los Angeles, CA

Marianne Romano
USTV Nickelodeon Communications
Los Angeles, CA

Steve Sabba
TaxPro Financial Network Inc.
Yorktown Heights, NY

Lenny Sage
Mercedes Benz of Valencia
Los Angeles, CA

Geoff Walker
Tarina Tarantino Designs
Los Angeles, CA

Aymee V. Zubizarreta
plana zubizarretA group
Miami, FL

Peter Zubizarreta
UBS Financial Services
Miami, FL