Our Supporters

2006 Individual Donors

PADRES Contra El Cáncer gratefully acknowledges the contributions from the following Individual Donors in support of our children and families:


    Elsa Avila
    Fred Bell
    Hilda Garcia
    Alberto & Maria Ramirez

    Recognized donors who have contributed $ 500 and above

    Angeles de Esperanza Group
    Cecilia Alvear
    Armando Azarloza
    Yariv Azoulay
    Fred Bell
    Neil Carrey
    Matthew Cedeno
    Mayola Delgado
    Chris Del Rey
    Luis Faura
    Rita Gallegos
    Luis Gonzalez
    Robert Jason
    Kelly King
    Gustavo Lopez
    Carlos Orta
    Tony Parker
    Rafael Pastor
    Christina Perez Gonzalez
    Robert Rodriguez
    Marianne Romano
    Lenny Sage
    Teresa Samaniego
    Dan Savage
    Pete Schlatter
    Phillip Smith

    Recognized donors who have contributed $ 3,500 and above

    Liza Anderson
    Jenny Fernandez
    Manny Mashouf
    Denise Rich
    Wilmer Valderrama
    Friends of Margie Hernandez

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