Brandon Rios

At the age of 25, Brandon Rios is a seven-year pro. He is a former WBA lightweight world champion, who has an aggressive "throwback" style and a warrior's mentality who makes for an exciting boxer to watch. He has won 11 straight fights, 10 by knockout, since having a 10-round draw in October, 2008.

Michael Rosenthal from "The Ring" described Rios as reminiscent of the magnificent young Mexican trio of Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera and Juan Manuel Marquez. Rios is physically stronger pound for pound than any of them. More importantly, he has the fighting spirit and utter lack of fear that made the trio fan favorites around the world. Rios unusual combination of power and fire wreaked havoc on the body of Urbano Antillon, who lasted less than three rounds when he fought Rios. And there are more victims to come.

Rios is a gathering storm, a force of nature that will leave untold wreckage in its wake. No fighter at 135 pounds can handle him, and the best at 140 pounds had better think twice before taking him on. Rios is the real deal and just getting started in his career. He brings the sort of pressure that creates concern in his opponents. It is what one would call fast pressure, with a driving forward momentum indicated Rosenthal.

Rios was Born in Lubbock, Texas and later moved to Garden City, Kansas, when he was two. He is one of 5 children who was raised in a humble home. His passion for boxing started when he was eight following in the footsteps of his older brother.

As an amateur boxer Rios won various national tournaments including "Silver Gloves"; Ringside Nationals; and the US Nationals. When he was eighteen, he moved to Oxnard, California and later became an alternate 2004 U.S. Olympic team. It was at the Olympic trials that he met his current trainer, friend and mentor Robert Garcia.

Rios is currently training for an upcoming fight. Although his love for the sport keeps him in the gym for long periods of time, his passion for family and community is even stronger. In 2011, Rios began supporting PADRES Contra El Cáncer (parents against cancer) a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life for children with cancer and their families. His goal is to become a strong ambassador, helping PADRES raise awareness about childhood cancer and much needed programmatic funds for the organization. "I am very blessed to have a great boxing career and a wonderful loving family. Seeing kids on treatment was a real eye-opener for me. It made me think that they are the real boxing champs. Every day they have to train and work on knocking out their cancer; and if I can be there to support them and let them know I have their back, than that's what I will do," said Rios after participating in PADRES' Annual Holiday Christmas Party.

Brandon is married and has three children. His two daughters, Laila and Mia, are named after renowned boxers Laila Ali and Mia St. John, and his son, Marcus Antonio, is named after boxing champ Marco Antonio Barrera.