Our Supporters

More than 12,500 children living in the United States are diagnosed with cancer annually.

For PADRES, it is a privilege and an honor to count on the assistance and counsel from the many donors, community partners, volunteers and celebrities who open their individual and collective hearts and make a commitment to join us in support of this important, worthy endeavor. This extraordinary display of humanitarian spirit ensures that our children and families will never be alone in their fight to overcome the rigorous challenges of childhood cancer.

  • Public Institutions & Elected Officials

    PADRES' children and families are extremely grateful for the generous economic assistance, advocacy, guidance and counsel from public agencies and elected officials. (Read more)

  • Corporate Partners

    PADRES is proud to acknowledge the corporate partners who so generously provide our children and families with access to invaluable economic resources, a wealth of volunteer support and in-kind contributions of goods & services. (Read more)

  • Private Foundations

    PADRES is privileged to acknowledge the support of private foundations as proud partners in our constant and never-ending quest to conquer childhood cancer. (Read more)

  • Individual Donors

    The lifeblood of our organization, PADRES is honored to recognize individual donors, who are the lifeblood of our organization, not only for their charitable spirit, but for serving as a constant reminder that 'Where there is Life, there is always Hope!' (Read more)

  • Community Partners

    PADRES is pleased to acknowledge the Community Partners that join in our efforts to improve the quality of life for our children and families. (Read more)

  • Volunteers

    PADRES recognizes the unwavering dedication, commitment and compassion from the people and enterprises who graciously donate their time, talent and energy in the fight against childhood cancer. They are the backbone of our family activities and special events. (Read more)

  • Celebrities

    They are the ray of sunlight which so often lights our path. PADRES is proud to welcome the many artists and entertainers who are prominent advocates in the fight against childhood cancer. (Read more)