Our Programs

Program Services

  • Parental Support Groups

    No parent should face cancer alone. This program brings parents together and builds a network of psychological support that assists each individual participant in coping with the childhood cancer diagnosis and its treatment.

  • Patient & Sibling Art Program

    Children cannot always express their fears and concerns through words. These art workshops are specifically designed for children diagnosed with cancer and their siblings. Sessions provide participants with an opportunity to meet other children and share their experiences of living with childhood cancer while learning about different forms of artistic expression and communication.

  • Crisis Intervention

    For some families, cancer, at times can become an unbearable experience. PADRES provides access to counseling, on an ongoing and emergency basis, for patients, siblings, parents and extended family members having a particular difficult experience coping with the reality of the cancer diagnosis.

  • PADRES Apoyando a PADRES ℠

    Fostering environments where parent-to-parent communication networks can flourish, is a compelling component of our work at PADRES. Through this interactive program, parents of children living with cancer prepare and serve homemade meals to families whose children are currently undergoing cancer treatment at CHLA.

  • Transportation Fund

    Access to medical care is a critical component in remaining compliant with the treatment regimen. This fund provides assistance with ongoing and emergency transportation resources for many of our low-income families who lack access to adequate transportation resources.

  • Community Referrals Assistance

    It takes an entire community of support to overcome the challenges cause by the childhood cancer diagnosis. This referral service provides family members with an orientation to available community resources, as well as assistance in identifying appropriate documentation and completing all relevant paper work.

  • Grocery Vouchers

    For many of our economically disadvantaged families, even simple needs like groceries become and economic burden. PADRES provides grocery vouchers for those families whose children as hospitalized for a period of three (3) days or longer.

  • Phone Cards

    For many of our families, communication with friends and relatives is an important part of the healing process. To facilitate this interaction, PADRES makes available phone cards for economically–disadvantaged families whose children are hospitalized for a period of three (3) days or longer.

  • Meal Coupons

    Many families struggle to provide their children with adequate nutrition during extended hospital stays and lengthy doctor’s visits. PADRES provides hospital meal coupons to economically-disadvantage families whose stay at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles exceeds three (3) days for inpatient visits and four (4) hours for outpatient medical appointments.

  • Parking Vouchers

    Parking fees for multi-day, multi-entry visitations become a significant economic burden for many families whose are hospitalized for extended stays. PADRES provides Childrens Hospital Los Angeles parking vouchers for economically-disadvantaged families whose stay at Children Hospital Los Angeles exceeds three (3) days for inpatient visits and four (4) outpatient visits.

  • Holiday Adopt-a-Family

    Every family should experience the joy and good cheer that is the winter holiday season. PADRES partners with various community-based agencies to bring season’s greetings to economically-disadvantaged families who are unable to provide the patient and his or her siblings with a traditional winter holiday celebration.

  • Case Management

    PADRES Program Coordinators offer expert case management care by creating an individualized personal family plan that caters to the family’s educational, emotional and economic needs at all phases of treatment.