Emotional Support Services

Our program brings parents together and builds a network of psychological support that assists each family member in coping with the childhood cancer diagnosis and its treatment.

Case Management
PADRES’ expert case management care component is particularly critical in helping our children and families navigate through the many complexities that exist within the American healthcare delivery system. This important protocol includes the creation of an individual, personalized plan that caters to a family’s specific educational, emotional and economic need throughout all phases of medical treatment.

Individual goals and cancer knowledge are measured not only at different treatment intervals, but also at educational learning sessions held throughout the year. 

"Café Con Leche"
Parental Support & Activity Groups
This weekly program brings parents and care givers together and builds a network of emotional support that assists each individual participant in coping with the stress related to childhood cancer. Activities include the distribution of reading materials, playing board games and other activities, refreshments, and taking part in interactive group discussions.

Parent To Parent Alumni Program
There are few comforts for a parent more inspiring than the encouraging, compassionate words from other parents whose children have survived the cancer experience. PADRES Alumni Families are trained to serve as mentors to help a newly diagnosed family cope during their child’s cancer journey.  

In addition to helping newly diagnosed families, this program offers PADRES Alumni Family Members an opportunity to make direct contributions towards the organization's life-saving mission. By serving as active alumni, PADRES families not only play a critical role in the delivery of key programs and services, they also bring HOPE and make a world of difference in the lives of other children and families.

Crisis Intervention Counseling
For some families, cancer at times, can become an unbearable experience. PADRES provides access to counseling, on both an on-going and emergency basis, for patients, siblings, parents and extended family members having a particularly difficult experience coping with the reality of the cancer diagnosis.

"Padres Apoyando A PadresSM" - Family Luncheon
At PADRES, we understand that a child’s hospitalization period can be a very stressful time for an entire family. Fostering environments where parent-to-parent communication networks can flourish is a compelling component of our work. Through this interactive program, volunteer parents of childhood survivors prepare and serve homemade meals to families whose children are currently undergoing cancer treatment at Children’s hospital Los Angeles.

Bereavement Assistance
For two out of ten families, the childhood cancer experience brings a period of intense grief and sorrow. Equally as challenging, it is also a time filled with overwhelming economic burdens. PADRES provides crisis intervention and resources for a family in need of support during this difficult time of loss. Resources include bereavement counseling, referrals to discounted funeral services, and access to grief support groups.

Inspiring Hope
HOPE is at the core of PADRES’ life-saving programs, services and activities. PADRES helps families who are faced with one of life’s most difficult challenges – the diagnosis of a child with cancer – to find inspiration and HOPE. Through its work with community advisory groups, PADRES brings together parents, patients, and siblings to spread the message of HOPE and identify programs that inspire courage to help overcome the life-changing impact that childhood cancer has on families.

If you are a PADRES family member and believe you are qualified to be part of this extraordinary program, please contact:

Volunteer & Family Activities Manager