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Edward Robert Rubin Memorial Fund

It is hard to imagine how one little boy who lived only fifteen months touched so many lives. From Israel to India, from synagogues to churches around the world, Eddie’s battle against leukemia brought many people together. This was one incredibly special little guy.

Edward Robert Rubin was born on February 22, 2003. When he was four months old Eddie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and the doctors were not optimistic. However, this tragedy, instead of tearing the family apart, somehow brought them all closer together. Everyone rallied around this special little baby. And Eddie smiled through it all. He smiled at every doctor and nurse who took his blood or temperature. He smiled through months of chemotherapy. He learned to sit up. He played happily in his little walker, scooting around his small hospital room. He learned to crawl.

He had a bone marrow transplant when he was nine months old and his nine-year-old sister Ali was the donor. He came through the transplant with flying colors according to the doctors. All of the nurses fell in love with him. For Eddie it was six weeks of hell, but he was a trooper and did not fuss at all.

He went home to new challenges. He needed to be in isolation for one year until his immune system had time to recover. Again, it was a group effort and by some miracle, Eddie made it through one of the worst flu seasons without one temperature or illness. The doctors were so pleased when he made it three months past the transplant – a major milestone.

Three weeks later a routine checkup showed that the leukemia was back. All that was left to do was keep him at home and enjoy every day with him. He had won the battle but lost the war. His mom and dad (Jenny and Steve) set out to create lasting memories for their children. His sisters went from washing their hands fifteen times a day and wearing a mask while playing with their brother, to sharing ice cream cones with him. Eddie got to visit his sister Caroline’s kindergarten class for the first time. He had recess with his older sister Ali and her friends at school. He went to a Penn State football game and to Gymboree twice. He played on the mats while Ali and Caroline had their gymnastic meets.

He was loved and cherished by all who knew him and he will be greatly missed. Those who did not know him personally loved him from his photos that showed his big brown eyes and huge smile. The Edward Robert Rubin Memorial Fund is a testament to little Eddie, who always smiled through the pain and whose sense of wonder and joy still propels his family through each day.

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