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The Buenrostro Family

“I cannot thank PADRES Contra El Cáncer enough for all they have done for my family and me,” remarked Yanet Buenrostro this past November 2007 as she served her famous barbeque baked chicken with beans, rice and a salad to families at the hospital during a Saturday gathering of PADRES Apoyando a PADRES.  “We received so much when we needed it most.  Now that Jaqueline is doing much better, we feel the need to give back through volunteering and being here for other families.”

Yanet’s daughter, Jaqueline Buenrostro, was two years old when she was diagnosed with cancer.  In December 2001, Jaqueline had fallen and was unable to get back up and walk.  In February 2002, after several doctor visits, doctors at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) diagnosed the cause of her condition: a cancerous brain tumor.  Immediately Jaqueline underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumor.  After a year of rehabilitation, the tumor resurfaced, requiring yet another surgery.  After aggressive chemotherapy and radiation, the tumor was successfully treated and Jaqueline has been in remission since 2003.

“Naturally, we were devastated by the news; then terrified when the tumor came back,” says Jaqueline’s mother.  “But knowing that we had the support of the caseworkers at PADRES helped us work through the difficult times.”

The Buenrostro family lives in Huntington Park, California and continues to be active members of PADRES for over 4 years.  The family initially found out about the organization through event flyers posted at the hospital, along with hearing about services from other families, and attending PADRES Apoyando a PADRES (PAP) – monthly luncheons provided by a volunteer group to newly diagnosed families at the hospital.

Yanet Buenrostro and her family have grown from benefiting from PADRES Apoyando a PADRES to playing a lead role in coordinating PAP luncheons for other families who have a child in the Hematology/Oncology Center at CHLA.  They enjoy being members of the team which coordinates home-cooked meals for the families at the hospital.  Time and again, the family has gone above and beyond with their generosity, whether it’s simply providing a warm cooked meal or bringing extra items for the monthly family luncheons. 

The Buenrostro family’s actions serve to provide other families with HOPE that they too may some day be able to return to the hospital, not for their child’s treatment, but to help others as well. 

“You give back what you’ve been given, and then some,” advocates Yanet Buenrostro.  “It’s now our chance to bring HOPE and help to those who need the help right now.”